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Salina to vote on fluoridation

Source: KMUW 89.1 - Wichita Public Radio | July 22nd, 2014 | By Aileen LeBlanc
Location: United States, Kansas

A petition to remove fluoride from Salina’s water supply was submitted on Monday to the city clerk.

A grassroots organization called Salina Cares delivered the petition and its 2041 signatures to city clerk Shandi Wicks on July 21st.

The petition is a request to the city of Salina to remove fluoride from the city’s public water supply.

The group intends to put the issue up for a vote in the November elections.

Salina’s city water has been fluoridated for more than 40 years and proponents of fluoridation argue that it helps in the prevention of cavities especially for young teeth.

The petitioners say that it is time the citizens have a say in what is put into their bodies.

The citizens of Wichita voted fluoridation down in 2012, following similar decisions in 1978 and 1964.