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Santa Maria to resume fluoridation

Source: Noozhawk | June 19th, 2019 | By Janene Scully, Noozhawk North County Editor


Some 57 positions primarily for public safety, expanded library hours and restoration of fluoride in the city’s drinking water make up additions to Santa Maria’s budget, even as Cicty Council members heard dire news about the California Public Employees Retirement System.

… And $48,000 will allow the city to resume adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water, fulfilling a request from dentists and public health workers, who said it had helped reduce oral-health problems in children.

The city quietly stopped adding fluoride late last year, leading to concerns aired at a recent meeting….

*Original article, titled Santa Maria Looks to Add Public Safety Jobs Amid Bleak News from CalPERS, online at https://www.noozhawk.com/article/santa_maria_looks_to_add_public_safety_jobs_amid_bleak_news_from_calpers