Sarnia’s mayor wants voters to be asked if they want fluoride removed from their drinking water.

Mike Bradley has served notice of motion that the issue of water fluoridation be referred to the municipal election and have the question put on the ballot this October.

“This question comes up continually,” says Bradley. “I mentioned to council last year when it came back up that really they should ask the public what they thought. That’s not been done. It should be remembered that fluoride was put in the water back in the 70’s by a public vote. In my view, if council is going to continue to support the removal, or the keeping of it, they should know what the public thinks.”

While the results of the vote may not be binding, Bradley says it will give the new council a snapshot of public opinion if the issue is raised during the 2018-2022 term.

Sarnia council went on the record in 2013 supporting the removal of fluoride from our drinking water.

But, the 5-4 recorded vote didn’t change the outcome, because legally four out of the six Lambton Area Water Supply System member municipalities had to vote against fluoridation to have it removed and other municipalities didn’t agree, so it remained.

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