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Sheridan: City Hosts Public Meeting on Fluoride

Source: SheridanMedia.com | May 19th, 2017 | By Ron Richter
Location: United States, Wyoming

The community conference room at the Sheridan Memorial Hospital downtown location on Gould Street was the site of a public meeting hosted by the City of Sheridan Thursday night on the topic of fluoridation of the City’s water supply.

Speaking on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Dental Association, Janet Berry took to the podium first to talk about how she feels fluoridation benefits the entire community.

Erin Adams with Clean Water Sheridan, a group opposed to fluoridating the water, spoke next.

Following a public comment period where several local dentists spoke in favor of fluoridation and a number of residents voiced their disdain for the chemical, Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller said that the Council will take all of the comments, positive and negative, into account before making any kind of decision about the future of fluoride in the City’s water.

Following the directive of the City Council’s decision in 2010, the City began fluoridating the water at the Big Goose and Sheridan Water Treatment Plants in January of 2015.

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