Sheridan Mayor, Dave Kinskey, appeared on Public Pulse on Newstalk, 930, KROE this morning and revisited the debate about whether fluoride should be added to the city water supply.

While it hasn’t yet been decided that flouride will be added to the city’s water, Mayor Kinskey indicated he has first-hand experience of its positive health benefits.

While the topic of whether to add fluoride to city water seems to be revisited every few years, a caller raised the concern again because of a new Harvard Study that indicates a high level of fluoride in drinking water reduces the IQ of children. Kinskey agreed to look at the findings, and took the opportunity to dispel any perception that there are not already additives in the city’s water.

He added that he has spoken extensively with healthcare professionals and scholars who also endorse fluoridation of public water supplies.

Mayor Kinskey also addressed last weekend’s vehicle crime spree and gave details about what he’s doing to catalyze job growth in Sheridan. To hear the entire one-hour interview, click here.