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Sierra Club: Water well quality is worsening in New Jersey

Source: NJ.com | June 19th, 2012 | By Jeff Tittel, Director of the NJ Sierra Club
Industry type: Perfluorinated chemicals


The Governor has basically gotten rid of the Drinking Water Quality Institute. The administration has not adopted standards for perchlorate and PFOA even though we have the science in place to adopt protections. They have downgraded and eviscerated the DEP Division of Science and have replaced it with the Science Advisory Board which is primarily made up of polluters and corporate interests.

“Is this glass half empty or half full? Given the results of these tests I am not sure you want to drink the glass in the first place,” said Jeff Tittel. “The purpose of the Act was to find out where the pollution is occurring so DEP could warn neighbors and clean up the sources of pollution. Instead we are seeing groundwater getting worse in each report, putting more people at risk.”

The Private Well Testing results are available on the DEP website

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