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Souhampton: Fluoride tide halted by ancient court

Source: Daily Echo | October 7th, 2009 | By Matt Smith
Location: United Kingdom, England

IT took three times of asking and the casting vote of Southampton’s sheriff.

But Southampton’s ancient Court Leet agreed to ask the city council to rethink its support for adding fluoride to tap water.

Anti-fluoride campaigners seized the chance to put their case for councillors to vote again on the scheme, which would affect 160,000 city residents, following the extent of public opposition.

Some 72 per cent of the 10,000 responses to a consultation by the South Central Strategic health Authority were not in favour and its decision to press ahead is now subject to a judicial review.

The jury of court, which has sat since the 14th century to hear “presentments” from citizens on matters of local concern, at first refused two requests for a fluoride rethink. A third request evenly split the jury after a couple of members left the session early and the sheriff, Councillor Carol Cunio, used her casting vote to accept it. The city council will now have to consider the court’s plea for another fluoride debate.