Fluoride Action Network

Southampton: Fluoride debacle was in Bassett

Source: Daily Echo | April 18th, 2009
Location: United Kingdom, England

THIS paper’s concerns voiced in yesterday’s editions over the ongoing debate over fluoride raised a number of questions.

The issue over adding the chemical to some of the water supply for the city of Southampton has become a hot topic.

Yesterday we reported how some people in the Bassett area were concerned they were unaware they would at times also receive the chemical in their supplies.

This turned out to be only partially accurate. Although Bassett was not mentioned in the main consultation document from the Strategic Health Authority it was part of the consultation process, identified in delivered leaflets and appeared on the authority’s website. It is right that we correct this point.

Yet the whole issue of the public consultation into the introduction of fluoride is unlikely to go away. For this reason we stand by our call for further consultation before any chemical is added to the water supply.