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Spokane. No to fluoride (Letter by Phil Zammit)

Source: The Spokesman-Review | By Phil Zammit
Posted on September 6th, 2020

I trust the knowledge and honest ‘urging’ of Spokane City Council to approve adding fluoride to our water by some dentists.

That said, I simply cannot swallow their solution!

(1) Why is it always not for us but “for the kids?” Not only that, but “those poor disadvantaged kids.” (2) My wife and I raised three kids. We had zero problems teaching them to brush teeth daily. In fact they loved it since they felt like adults. They eagerly drank milk, Coke or juice but encouraging them to drink water was a daily struggle. Fluoride in our water would have essentially been useless.

(3) A 6.4 oz. tube of fluoride toothpaste which fulfills this need lasts several weeks and is cheaper than a can of Coke.

(4) … and I have not even touched the proven adverse effects of imposing this poison on the entire community irrespective of its benefits to these “poor disadvantaged children’s teeth.”

So no, do not add fluoride to our water.

Phil Zammit

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