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Spokane. The impact of fluoride (Letter)

Source: The Spokesman-Review | By Terry Rose
Posted on October 2nd, 2020

Found myself on the last stagecoach out of quiet Montana with a recently handicapped husband and unloaded in Spokane five years ago. Albeit a bit overwhelmed by the sounds of traffic, especially from the always-busy I-90 corridor, I thought, “Maybe this can work. A bit urban for us, but at least the governor cares about the environment.”

Fast forward. Five years later I see a city council about to add sodium fluoride to not-so-bad city water without an environmental impact study? Whoa. Sodium fluoride is a by-product of aluminum production; this council is not even fiddling with the naturally occurring calcium fluoride found in many wells and aquifers.

I am no anti-vax extremist, have dutifully worn my mask and stayed locked up, and am even, at times, a rare Montana “liberal.” But come on, Spokane! Consider the potential impact on rivers. Consider the potential effects on soils in town and down the line. Consider wildlife, the wine industry, the uptake of fluoride in even organic produce. Use science before you act. Make haste slowly, please.

Terry Rose

*Original letter online at https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2020/oct/02/impact-fluoride/

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