Residents and outside citizens were on hand to voice their opinions to the board during the meeting. This comes after growing concerns about the ability to get the material as well as the quality of the fluoride itself.

“It is sole-sourced from China,” Executive Director Brian Heiser said. “So there is some concern about its quality while it is NSF approved.”

The board voted to begin the process to stop adding fluoride to its water by modifying the existing permit.

“This is a vote because this board has done research and takes the community and its commitment to the community, the community’s health and safe water to heart,” Chair Jeff Kern said.

Board member Bernard Hoffnar was in favor of adding fluoride to the water but resigned from his position during the vote. This resulted in a unanimous response in favor of the motion.

“I think this is an unfortunate situation and I don’t want to be part of a group that, in fact, is going to hurt the health of the people we’re serving,” Hoffnar said.

Kern said the motion will serve as a reminder for Heiser to begin the process toward modification. The process will include another hearing, a public comment period and paperwork submission to the state.

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