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Testing fluoride content in Chickballapur tube wells

Source: The Hindu | April 15th, 2015

The Health and Family Welfare Department has for the first time taken up a project to test fluoride content in the water supplied through tube wells in Chickballapur district.

The project was taken up following an alarming number of children and elders were found suffering from fluorosis. According to the Health Department, 5,299 children are affected by fluorosis, specifically dental fluorosis. As many as 5,277 elderly people are suspected to be suffering from dental fluorosis in the district, and 48 elders from bone fluorosis.

The project aims to test water samples within two months. “A comprehensive report about the quality of water in the district would be submitted. Similarly necessary measures will be taken to control fluorosis,” said Venkateshmurthy, District Planning Officer, Health Department.

Public Health Adviser of the department Vinodkumar said residents need to visit neighbouring villages where water purification unit is established to fetch potable water. Else, they should install individual water purification units at home in order to avoid drinking water contaminated by arsenic content.