Fluoride Action Network

The Government admits that 94% of the population has dental problems

Source: Curaçao Chronicle | September 5th, 2013
Location: Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD – During the government’s presentation in Parliament on the topic of fluoride in our waters, it became clear that 94% of our population has problems with dental care. Of these 94%, 30% are children. 15 to 20% of our elderly do not have teeth, according to the presentation in Parliament.

How is it possible that  since 1962 fluoride has been added to our drinking water and today, 51 years later, according to the government’s presentation in Parliament, based on a 2002 report, they tell us that 94% of our population still has problems with dental care? The MFK faction in Parliament says that the solution is not to add fluoride in our water, but simply a guaranteed visit to the dentist. A medical insurance which covers dental care for the population. A medical insurance for all and which gives everyone the opportunity to do a dental check up twice a year, because now we see that after 51 years the fluoride dosage in our drinking water was not the solution.

One of the effect of excess fluoride is osteoporosis. There are more secondary effects when you consume too much fluoride. MFK’s position is to eliminate fluoride from our drinking water. Now more than ever after the government admitted that after 51 years, with the same fluoride dosage in our water, 94% of our population has dental problems.

Minister of Public Health, Dr. Ben Whiteman has asked for 1 week to answer all the questions posed by the members of Parliament on this important topic. However, the meeting was postponed by the President of Parliament until further notice.