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The Health Australia Party is opposed to fluoridation

Source: The Huffington Post Australia | June 11th, 2016 | By Emily Brooks, Associate Editor
Location: Australia

July 2 is fast approaching and many Aussies are still unsure who they will vote for. But anyone in New South Wales considering signing away a donkey vote this coming election should be aware of the Health Australia Party’s political stance before they get to the ballot box.

Why? Well, the Health Australia Party just secured the number one spot on the NSW Senate ballot paper. The Health Australia Party was also first registered as the Natural Medicine Party. The Health Australia Party — whose name may be slightly deceiving — also questions vaccinations and is anti-fluoride. Homeschooling and home-birthing are other initiatives the party champions.

According to the party’s crowdfunding page, it has been created to fight the “well-funded, sustained and coordinated attacks on natural medicine by vested interests in Australia”.

First, let us explain how this party secured the number one spot on the Senate ballot paper — and then we’ll get back to some of the Health Australia Party’s views.

Every election, the following day after candidate nominations close, an Australia Electoral Commission (AEC) employee is blindfolded and, for each party, picks a numbered ball out of a barrel which allocates positions from left to right on the ballot paper. They do this for each state and territory.

Some interesting allocations across the nation include the Liberal Democrats securing a more fav

The party is anti-fluoride. In a policy statement, the Health Australia Party wrote it “believes that sodium fluoride, hydrofluorosilic acid and other chemical products called ‘fluoride’ are toxic chemical waste products that are classified as class 6 poisons and should not be placed into public water supplies.”

“Medicating a population through the water supply is in breach of accepted medical ethical codes as there is neither informed consent, nor the ability to opt out.”

Title of article, The First NSW Senate Ballot Paper Spot Has Gone To A Party Questioning Vaccines