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The Landmark EPA Fluoride TSCA Bench Trial that Began January 31: Could End Water Fluoridation.

Source: Regina M Imburgia for DallasForSaferWater | Press Release | February 5th, 2024

PRESS RELEASE: A Citizens Petition was submitted under TSCA to the EPA in 2016 to ban water fluoridation. The EPA denied their Petition, so they filed suit in federal court.

Unreasonable risk in context… it’s the .7 concentration in drinking water that puts you over the top… the straw that breaks the camels back…”

— Judge Edward Chen

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, February 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — This Federal trial is the first to challenge the dismissal of a Citizens Petition submitted under Section 21 of Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (TSCA). Case Number: Civ. No. 17-CV-02162-EMC Food & Water Watch, Inc.et al v. Environmental Protection Agency et al. The Plaintiffs include Fluoride Action Network (FAN), Moms Against Fluoridation and other advocacy groups and individuals.

A rice size amount of toothpaste for two years and younger–a pea size when older- Is this the amount they use?

The Lead attorney for the Plaintiffs is Michael Connett of the Law Firm Waters Kraus and Paul with offices across the country including Dallas, Texas.

Michael Connett says, “The court has one question before it, and that is: Does fluoridation present an unreasonable risk of neurodevelopmental effects? … If the court rules that it does, then the EPA will be mandated by law to take action to address that risk.”

Water Fluoridation started over 75 years ago and now effects over 200 million people in America. The New York Times, the acclaimed newspaper of record, has not yet covered this history making EPA TSCA fluoride trial that could end water fluoridation.

Michael Connett’s hour and 20 minute Opening Statements made many references to EPA’s task to ban Lead in gasoline. He explained the Plaintiff’s expert witnesses Dr. Bruce Lanphear and Dr. Grandjean were major players working with the EPA dealing with lead and mercury. Dr. Bruce Lanphear testified on January 31, the first day of this nine day EPA TSCA Trial. Professor Lanphear is world renowned for this research on toxicants, here is his 6 minute video on Fluoride, The Impact of FLUORIDE on the Developing Brain

Judge Chen asked Lanphear about water Fluoridation in Canada, Lanphear said they do not fluoridate in British Colombia where he lives but there are many sources of fluoride like from tea and toothpaste. “Children often swallow the toothpaste”.

Body Fluoride Toxicity Image ScienceDirect.com

During the EPA’s Opening Remarks, their lawyer named the expert witnesses it will call later in the case, including David Savitz, Ph.D., who Chaired NASEM’s committee that peer reviewed the NTP’s systematic review.

Christina Jewett is a prize-winning investigative reporter for The New York Times. Her alarming exposé on NASEM was published in April 2023: “Sacklers Gave Millions to Institution That Advises on Opioid Policy: Even as the nation’s drug crisis mounted, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine continued to accept funds from some members of the Sackler family, including those involved with Purdue Pharma.” The Defender article May 2023: “Report on Fluoride and Neurotoxicity Moves Closer to Final Publication” by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D., also highlights NASEM.

On Feb 1, Day 2 of the trial, Michael Connett asks a witness, “Dr. Grandjean, can you remind us about some of the factors that make the developing brain more vulnerable to the impact of environmental toxicants?” Grandjean replies, “I wrote a book on this called “Only One Chance

Dr. Grandjean’s Bookcover

because you only have one chance to develop your brain. And because the human brain is the most advanced in the animal kingdom, it is also… vulnerable. And if something goes wrong, you don’t have a chance later on to remodel the brain. You are stuck with that brain you start to develop early in life.”

Phillipe Grandjean, M.D., Ph.D., is an adjunct professor in environmental health at Harvard and chair of environmental medicine at the University of Southern Denmark. Dr. Grandjean and the EPA worked together in setting standards/guidance for mercury and also recently for PFAS “Forever Chemicals”.

Grandjean specializes in the field of developmental neurotoxicity. “We identified more than 200 chemicals that are likely toxic to early brain development. And then, about a dozen, including fluoride that were definitely… that was ten years ago.” He later adds, “I’ve discussed this with EPA and we agree that in regards to neurotoxicants, the most vulnerable population is the population which is under development – that is pregnant women and the newborns.”

This Epic TSCA Trial is live streamed -go to FluorideAlert.Org to get daily updates like this one: January 31:
“Fluoride Risk Trial Opens With Claim Exposure Drops Kids’ IQ”.
Harvard Prof. Slams Study Showing IQ Gains From Fluoride

A Harvard epidemiologist testifying Friday in a high-stakes bench trial over fluoridated water’s risk criticized a study cited by the government that found fluoride exposure increased IQ by 24 points, saying the results “don’t make sense” are “beyond the imagination” and must be based on erroneous data….
[referred to as the “Spanish study” conducted by Jesus Ibarluzea, Ph.D.,]

Dorothy Atkins twitter feed is here
https://muckrack.com/dorothy-atkins Dorothy Atkins is a reporter who lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is likely is going to the trial.

Noteworthy is that Dorothy Atkins is familiar with microbiology. https://dorothymatkins.com/bio/

The Dallas City Council can vote to STOP Fluoridation. The Council has heard from citizens about the risks from ingesting fluoride, but they continue to fund the Community Water Fluoridation Program. The out-come from this Epic Trial could be a World-wide Game Changer.

Original press release online at https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/686365590/the-landmark-epa-fluoride-tsca-bench-trial-that-began-january-31-could-end-water-fluoridation


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