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Source: American Embassy, The Hague | May 22nd, 2009
Location: The Netherlands

From the American Embassy, The Hague
to the U.S. Secretary of State

[Professor Arie] Pais has always been politically involved, enthusiastically supporting his party, whether it has been left or right leaning. His friends say that he has always wanted a minister’s post. He has fought vigorously against fluoridation and low-flying aircraft, has been active in environmental affairs, continues his position in the Animal Protection Society, and is a member of the Vegetarian’s Association. Pais is known for his sharp intelligence, wit, needling personality and ability to get to the bottom of problems. He has been cooperative with the embassy in the area of cultural programming. McCloskey

Margaret P. Grafeld Declassified/Released US Department of State EO Systematic Review 22 May 2009