Fluoride Action Network

Thunder Bay: Giunta — Stop Fluoride Campaign

Source: NetNewsledger.com | July 15th, 2009
Location: Canada, Ontario

Marley Giunta a spokesperson for the group opposed to putting fluoride in Thunder Bay’s water supply states, “Thunder Bay City Council are about to vote on Monday July 20th as to whether or not water fluoridation will be on the voting ballot of the upcoming election (Nov 2010)”.

“If the majority of the Councillors vote no, then it would be up to the District Health Unit to try to get 9,000 people (10% of the population) to sign a petition to get the question added to the election ballot,” adds Giunta. “Our Councillors have the power to stop the Health Units pro-fluoride campaign right in its tracks”.

The group asks people in Thunder Bay to “send a letter or email, as soon as humanly possible,to your City Councillor”.

The Address to send mail to city council is:

(Councillor’s name)
City Hall PO Box 800
500 Donald St E
Thunder Bay, ON CAN
P7C 5K4

and their emails are:

• Mayor Lynn Peterson. lpeterson@thunderbay.ca

• Iain Angus, Councillor at Large: iangus@thunderbay.ca

• Larry Hebert, Councillor at Large: lhebert@thunderbay.ca

• Rebecca Johnson, Councillor at Large: rjohnson@thunderbay.ca

• Frank Pullia, Councillor at Large: fpullia@thunderbay.ca

• Aldo Ruberto, Councillor at Large: aruberto@thunderbay.ca

• Mark Bentz, Northwood ward: mbentz@thunderbay.ca

• Andrew Foulds, Current River ward: afoulds@thunderbay.ca

• Trevor Giertuga, McIntyre ward: tgiertuga@thunderbay.ca

• Brian McKinnon, Red River ward: bmckinnon@thunderbay.ca

• Linda Rydholm, Neebing ward: lrydholm@thunderbay.ca

• Robert Tuchenhagen, McKellar ward: rtuchenhagen@thunderbay.ca

• Joe Virdiramo, Westfort ward: jvirdiramo@thunderbay.ca

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