May I present a resolution in support of ending the water fluoridation program for the fiscal year of 2014?

San Marcos is a beacon for clean, thriving water in Texas, the United States and the world. The San Marcos River is considered to be among the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the Northern Hemisphere for more than 10,000 years.

There is a high value on water and the culture around the water as San Marcos is home to Aquarena Center, the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, the San Marcos Watershed Initiative, the San Marcos National Fish Hatchery and Aquatic Resource Center, the A. E. Wood Texas Fish Hatchery, the San Marcos Nature Center, the Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos and the Indigenous Cultures Institute.

Texas State University here in San Marcos is the first in the country to offer degrees in Water Management.

The city of San Marcos has been fluoridating since 1987, using Fluorosilicic Acid, an industrial waste bi-product, from synthetic fertilizer and aluminum factories,

In recent decades significant Health and Hazard Concerns have been associated with the use of Fluorosilicic Acid, and there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of the use of Fluorosilicic Acid. Taxpayers have been burdened with paying the bill for the use of Fluorosilicic Acid.

Therefore, the mayor and the city council should join other local community organizations in calling for the end of the Water Fluoridation Program in the city of San Marcos.

Kathleen OConnell

Communities for Thriving Water

Fluoride-Free San Marcos