Fluoride Action Network

Time to Pull the Plug

Source: Daily Post (Liverpool) | November 17th, 2003 | By Larry Neild
Location: United Kingdom, England

DAVID Blaine suspended himself in an oversized phone box for 44 days without food. The might of his so-called mystical and magic powers could not allow him to complete his feat without daily supplies of water.

Those three tiny atoms – two of hydrogen and one of oxygen – fuel every living cell of our bodies, water is the fuel of life without which we would perish.

Those appeals from famine ravaged and drought-hit countries plead for fresh water, a liquid more precious than gold at times of thirst.

So it was with profound disappointment I learned that our MPs had paved the way for fluoride to be added to drinking water, providing, of course, there is pre-consultation with us – the public.

The guardians of our human rights have handed over the power to unelected and unrepresentative health officials who, acting like appointed governors, will have the final say on whether our drinking water will be poisoned.

Fluoride – we are promised – will mean less tooth decay in children and fewer cavities.

Look at the children of asylum seekers from areas where they have scavenged for food and they have brilliant white teeth.

It is because they have not been exposed to sugar-laden soft drinks, sweets and unrefined grains.

If I was con vinced fluoride would eradicate tooth decay for all I would still oppose its addition to water.

The utility companies should deliver fresh water, with nothing added, to our homes, restaurants and work places.

Whilst I will be amending my Christmas card list to erase the names of a size able number of our MPs (who voted to impose this poison on all of us), I hope that our local councillors will realise they are the last line of defence against this incredible mass medication of the entire population.

Liverpool City Council – along with a number of other authorities -have in the past rejected fluoridation,much – in my opinion – to their eternal credits.

I hope our local politicians listen to the people and pull the plug on this proposal.

Around the world more and more countries, having experimented with fluoridation, are ditching it.