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Toowoomba. Fluoridated water ready to flow

Source: The Chronicle (Toowoomba) | March 17th, 2010 | By John Farmer
Location: Australia

READY or not, you’ve got no choice. Here it comes.

Works are almost finished on Toowoomba’s $1.2 million water fluoridation plant at Mt Kynoch, with residents drinking fluoridated water by the end of the month.

Commissioning of the plant, which was paid for by the State Government, will start next week before becoming operational on March 31.

Deputy Mayor Paul Antonio said on the eve of fluoridated water flowing into city homes, the argument over the compulsory scheme was all but over.

“The State Government has legislated all of this, that’s where we’re at,” he said.

“There have always been concerns about fluoridation in the community, but it’s up to the government to take those on board.

“The dental association supports it, it’s been backed up by State Government legislation.

“There’s no argument, it will happen.”

Toowoomba Regional Council was excused from adding fluoride to the city’s bore water supplies, because of the $4 million price tag and logistical problems.

The exemption means 75 per cent of homes will not receive properly fluoridated water.

With the Mt Kynoch plant finished, council have until 2012 to fluoridate the water supplies of district towns.