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Town of Walker to fluoridate

Source: The Advocate | Walker government to start 4-day work week | October 14th, 2009 | By Vic Couvillion


… Also Monday night, aldermen unanimously agreed to enter into a contract with the state Department of Health and Hospitals to inject fluoride in the town’s water system.

The contract amount for the agreement is $23,500 and covers the period of Nov. 1 through June 30. The fluoride chemicals alone would cost an estimated $16,000.

Fred Raiford, town government chief of staff, explained that in the future, the town will have to bear the cost of purchasing the fluoride.

Font said that representatives of the medical community have long sought to have Walker introduce fluoride into the water to help prevent tooth decay and dental diseases.

The mayor added that the town plans to initiate a program to inform the population about fluoridation of drinking water and its benefits…

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Walker is in the Parish of Livingston

Population in July 2008: 6,249