Toxicology Testing:  Undoubtedly parents and caregivers who frequent the Internet have been concerned with the ongoing debate about fluoride in drinking water.  Advocates both for and against community water fluoridation highly anticipated the testing results.  Testing was conducted by the highly praised and ethical federal National Toxicology Program (NTP.)

Testing Results Applauded

Fluoride in the water helps to prevent caries (decay)

Toxicology Shows Water with Fluoride is Not Only Safe But Necessary

Here at Dentistry for Children, we are so happy to report that testing by National Toxicology Program is complete.  And they found “no link between elevated levels of fluoride and cognitive learning deficits.”  The toxicology testing adds yet another advocate to the list of advocates who endorse community fluoridation of water supplies.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization, the ADA, and other groups have long praised the benefits of adding fluoride to drinking water.  These groups have also supported adding fluoride to toothpaste and they have deemed it not only safe, but instrumental in community health.  The CDC states a forthright explanation for the efficacy of Water Fluoridation for communities:

  1. Fluoride is a very naturally occurring substance.  “Almost all water contains some naturally-occurring fluoride, but usually at levels too low to prevent tooth decay.”
  2. They state, “Many communities adjust the fluoride concentration in the water supply to a level known to reduce tooth decay”.  And at that level, it also “promotes good oral health.” (This is often called the “optimal level).”
  3. CDC experts explain, “This practice is known as community water fluoridation.”  And reaches all people who drink that water.”  Did you know 74.4% of people in the United States who use community water systems drink fluoridated water?
  4. Statistics and other international toxicology research have proven the terrific health benefits of community water fluoridation.  The CDC states, that there has been a “dramatic decline in tooth decay during the past 70 years.”  That is when the community water fluoridation program was initiated.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) named “fluoridation of drinking water to prevent dental caries (tooth decay) as one of Ten Great Public Health Interventions of the 20th century.

Other Studies Including Toxicology Testing Agree with the NTP Study

New Zealand

As long ago as 2015, another study, conducted in New Zealand, over a 31 year time period, found no link between fluoridation and IQ scores.  The tests spanned a 31-year period, during which subjects were repeatedly tested for IQ.

Healthy Teeth Need Fluoride and The Latest Test Prove it.

Beautiful White Teeth Help to Make a Beautiful Girl. And Fluoride Keeps Teeth Healthy.

Likewise, “These findings held after adjusting for potential confounding variables.”  These variables included sex, socioeconomic status, breastfeeding, and birth weight.”  It also included, “educational attainment for adult IQ outcomes.”

Ultimately, a recent New Zealand study declared, “Associations between very high fluoride exposure and low IQ reported in previous studies may have been affected by confounding, particularly by urban or rural status.”

 More Toxicology Reports from England in 2018

Likewise, Public Health England reported in March that they had proven, “fluoridation is an effective and safe public health measure to reduce the severity and frequency of dental decay.”

Their report stated, “Currently, around 6 million people in England live in areas with fluoridation schemes.  Many schemes have been operating for over 50 years.”  They added the declaration that, “Public Health England recommends water fluoridation as one of 9 evidence-based community interventions…”  And further, they were “satisfied that fluoridation is an effective community-wide public health intervention.”

Plus, Fluoridation Toxicology Reports Recently Arrived From Ireland

Recently, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland issued a report.  They stated that there was “no scientific basis for concerns about the safety of children or adults” due to fluoride exposure from foods and drinks.  Dr. Pamela Byrne, CEO, FSAI explained, “this is the most comprehensive scientific study of fluoride in food ever undertaken in Ireland.”

The recent Irish research follows an initial study carried out in 2002.  Their scientists took great care.  And they used the most recent Ireland food consumption patterns and fluoride concentration data in food and beverages.

In praise of their independent researchers, the Irish stated, “They bring independent, impartial and expert scientific acumen to inform and ensure that our work is based on the best science available at a given time.”  And they stated, “This study reaffirms the FSAI’s and its Scientific Committee’s view that exposure to fluoride from the diet for all population groups in Ireland is not of concern.”

The group concludes the report was full of positive numbers for community fluoridation.  The Irish experts added an important point, directed at all the online rumors.  “These findings do not support the assertion that fluoride in the context of CWF programs is neurotoxic.”

USA Activist Shocked by Report

Back in the USA, the NTP report, with its positive findings for fluoridation, shocked the activists.  The activists were trying  to prove “that fluoridation is ineffective, harmful, and an infringement on individual freedoms.”

Johnny Johnson Jr, DMD, MS, is the president of the American Fluoridation Society.   He stated, “Critics of community water fluoridation were thrilled when the NTP said they would conduct a

Serious Tooth Decay is Prevented by Fluoride in Our Water and will remain so because of recent Toxicology Test.

Toxicology Tested Water with Fluoride is Twice Blessed


a thorough study of this issue.”  And he added, “However, they have been as quiet as a church mouse since the NTP’s findings were made public.  Once again, they choose to ignore the studies that don’t fit into their fear-based mindset.  They’re choosing silence over science.”

The New National Toxicology Program Experiments

In the world of scientific testing, animal testing data is very important.  Recent results were the outcome of 9 research tests in which the “NTP researchers observed no exposure-related differences in motor, sensory, or learning and memory performance or in thyroid hormone levels in rats that consumed food and water with various levels of fluoride.

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