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UK Green Party: Keep fluoride out of water

Source: The Bolton News | April 28th, 2008 | By Staff Reporter
Location: United Kingdom, England

THE Green Party is campaigning against the addition of flouride to water supplies.

Advocates of flouridisation say it will help to turn around poor dental health as flouride, despite effectively being a poison, can help to strengthen teeth.

But the Green Party says adding it to the water supply robs people of the freedom to choose.

Eric Hyland said people knew the Green Party was concerned about the environment, but in this election he wanted to put over the message that it was about more than that.

He said: “Fluoridation robs you of your freedom to choose. Fluoride is toxic waste. It is more toxic than lead and marginally less so than arsenic. This is what the Government wants to put in your drinking water. It is illegal under the Poisons Act to administer poisonous or noxious substances to anyone and the Green Party will continue to campaign against it.”

He said the Green Party was the first party to oppose what he calls the “illegal and disastrous” war in Iraq and the party would continue to call for our troops to come home.

He added: “We are passionately opposed to spending £25 billion on Trident replacement. This is an obscene amount of money to spend on a weapon that cannot be used without permission of the Americans.

“This money is desperately needed to be spent at home – more police to tackle the yob culture, an increase in the state pension to allow the elderly a decent life in retirement.”

The Green Party is contesting 10 wards in the elections.

Mr Hyland said: “The main parties agree global warming is the biggest problem facing us today. Even the climate change deniers admit oil, gas and will not last for ever and will one day run out.

“Britain is blessed with some of the world’s best renewable energy resources; we should invest properly in wind, wave and solar power.

“By freezing council tax, Bolton Council is saying all services are perfect and need no investment. The people of Bolton are not stupid, they know this is not true. They also know the real reason is to attract votes. Wait till next year when there is no election. What will be the tax increase then?”