UPDATE: SEPT. 14 AT 10:10 P.M. 

The Spokane City Council has voted ‘yes’ to accept money from a company to build out a system to put fluoride in the water.

The vote passed 6-1.

The City will receive $4 million from the ARCORA Foundation for expenses related to the design, permitting, and construction of a community water fluoridation component of our water system.

The terms of the proposed grant allow the City to either continue or end the fluoridation process at any time, subject to repaying any grant funds used in the process on a pro-rata basis.

Earlier Monday, the City Council voted to defer a vote on putting fluoride in Spokane’s water.

The City Council listened to almost four hours of public comment from dozens of people who were both pro and anti fluoride.

“The Council listened to its constituents and chose a middle path that moves us closer to the health benefits of fluoride with the financial flexibility to pay for it,” said City Council President Breean Beggs. “Most importantly, the next generation of Spokane’s children will largely be able to avoid the ravages of tooth decay.”

UPDATE: SEPT. 14 AT 5:33 P.M.

The Spokane City council has voted to defer a decision on putting fluoride in Spokane’s water.

However, they are still voting to accept money from a company to build out a system to put fluoride in the water.

They plan to take public comment about it at their meeting Monday night.

*Original article online at https://www.khq.com/news/spokane-city-council-defers-vote-on-fluoride-ordinance-will-still-take-public-comment/article_58d7f0e6-f6b0-11ea-8d65-ef6b6ef6321c.html

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