Fluoride Action Network

Utah water company asks customers to vote no to fluoridation

Source: Fluoride Action Network | October 30th, 2000
Location: United States, Utah

The Holiday Water Company in Utah has recently distributed the following pamphlet to its customers (October 2000):

You have undoubtedly noticed the discussion ? pro and con ? about the fluoridation of our drinking water in Salt Lake County. At Holiday Water Company, we have spent a considerable amount of time and effort researching this matter and wanted to share our findings with you.

We are opposed to adding fluoride to your drinking water for many reasons. Of primary concern to us are a half dozen primary reasons for our position and we wanted to share this with you, our customers:

1. As a matter of principal, we feel it is improper to medicate a basic commodity such as water. It takes away your right of choice and forces all of our customers to use fluoridated water.
2. There are a number of simple and inexpensive sources of fluoride available to individuals and families who choose to use it.
3. It will raise your water rates. In fact, if required to add fluoride to your water supply it would result in an approximate 11% increase in rates.
4. The concentration of the chemical fluoride required for us to comply with this plan poses a danger to our work force and working environment. It is a dangerous product to handle and would require additional systems, maintenance and training.
5. As required by Federal and State government, we are in the process of building a 3,000,000 water filtration plant to remove as much contamination in the water as possible and are opposed to adding anything that is not required by the government.
6. There is considerable evidence of accidents and poisonings due to fluoride. The matter indentification is unclear and may well cause Holiday Water to have to additionally increase rates.