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Villagers fight deadly fluoride

Source: Newindpress.com | December 8th, 2007 | By Dwijendranath Padhy
Location: India

PARLAKHEMUNDI: For the villagers of Jogipadu and Padampur under Gumma block, the only source of drinking water is a ‘nala’, which is located 5 km away from their villages.

Ironically, these villages have over 10 borewells and are just a few kilometres away from the district headquarters.

The reason that has kept them away from using their own well water is the presence of excess fluoride, which can lead to fluorosis, a deadly disease.

The two villages have a population of 4000 and the entire populace has to get drinking water from the Gummagada ‘nala’.

The water from the local wells is used only for cleaning, washing, bathing and for animals.

It was in 1996 when there was a hue and cry after the villagers were affected by skin diseases and stomach aliments and they realised that the water from the borewell was stinking of iron ore while their own well water had a pungent taste.

This apart, many bore-wells are not in working condition. The villagers had submitted a proposal to utilise the water from the Gummagada ‘nala’ for drinking water purpose.

Contacted, Rural Water Supply officials said a team would examine the water in the area and added that the proposal for Gummagada Project has been submitted to authorities concerned for consideration.