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Warrumbungle: Fluoride could be dead in the water

Source: ABC Central West NSW | April 21st, 2005
Location: Australia

The decision of the Warrumbungle Shire administrator to put fluoride into local town water supplies is likely be overturned at tonight’s council meeting.

Bruce Rindflesh decided in February to fluoridate town supplies in Coonabarabran, Coolah, Dunnedoo, Baradine and Mendooran.

A new council has since been elected and the new Mayor, Peter Shinton, says many residents are not happy with the administrator’s decision.

Councillor Shinton says if a recission motion is adopted tonight, the council will not introduce fluoride into any local supply.

“You’ve got a lot of scientists that are for fluoridation for dental reasons,” he said.

“I haven’t got the wisdom of Solomon, so my feelings would be to stick with the status quo and not have it.

“I remember when thalidomide was an issue and, as I remember at that time, only one doctor out there was saying it was a dangerous drug, everyone else was prescribing it.”