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Water additive bill filed in legislature

Source: Lovely County Citizen | February 1st, 2011 | By Kathryn Lucariello
Location: United States, Arkansas


LITTLE ROCK — House Bill 1205, subtitled the “Arkansas Water Additive Accountability Act,” will have the support of the Carroll-Boone Water District (CBWD) water operators, Office Manager Jim Allison said Monday.

The purpose of the bill, filed Jan. 24 by Rep. Loy Mauch of Bismarck, is “to establish criteria for substances added to public drinking water for purposes unrelated to potability; and for other purposes.”

… Water operators would not be able purchase such substances unless these documented proofs are furnished by the supplier, which would include published and unpublished toxicological studies. This information would then be furnished to the public. The bill also requires disclosure of the source, i.e., country of origin of such additives. …

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