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Water fluoridation should cease — IDEA

Source: Irish Medical Times | Letter | July 7th, 2015 | Dr Elizabeth Cullen
Location: Ireland

Dear Editor,
In light of the Health Research Board’s recent report on fluoride (‘No conclusive proof’ of negative effects, Irish Medical Times, June 12, 2015), where it states that two studies reviewed suggested a potential link between fluoride and the incidence of osteosarcoma and thyroid disease, but that neither study had the methodological rigour to provide conclusive evidence, the Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association (IDEA) calls on the Government to stop the practice of fluoridation of our drinking water until the evidence is clear.

The IDEA has always stated that we get fluoride in dental products and from our food. We do not need it in our water.

Dr Elizabeth Cullen,
Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association.