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Water NZ calls for government to make fluoridation Compulsory

Source: Press Release: Water New Zealand | September 24th, 2015
Location: New Zealand

Water New Zealand is again calling on the government to make fluoridation of public water compulsory. The call comes with the release of a new Australian study, confirming the benefits of fluoride in drinking water.

The Scientific Research Report published in the International Dental Journal in June reported on a four year study of five to seven year olds in three study locations in New South Wales. The study concluded that the proportions of children free from dental decay were significantly higher in areas receiving fluoridated water than in the un-fluoridated area.

“This report is another example of the benefits of fluoride. The science is settled. It is time for central Government to step up and take a stand on the issue. It is a matter of public health, not something to be decided case-by-case by local councils,” says John Pfahlert, CEO of Water New Zealand.

“Rate payers should not be funding an emotional debate fuelled by conspiracy theorists. Instead, central government needs to show leadership and take onboard the advice of Ministry of Health officials and qualified scientists,” Mr Pfahlert says.

Water New Zealand, along with many other organistions including Local Government New Zealand and the NZ Dental Association, advocate that central Government implement legislation insisting on nationwide fluoridation of public water supplies.

“The Government has already endorsed the use of fluoride. In 2014 the office of the Prime Ministers Chief Science Advisor issued a report which conclusively demonstrated the health benefits from fluoridation at the correct dosage, and that the risks were virtually non-existent.”

This support is based on sound science that fluoride application rates between 0.7 – 1.0ppm are safe for human health.

Scientific research report – A four year assessment of a new water-uoridation scheme in New South Wales, Australia: