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Western Springs Poll: Are Concerns About Added Fluoride Valid?

Source: Western Springs, IL Patch | July 16th, 2012 | By Darren McRoy (Editor)
Location: United States, Illinois

The vocal populist movement against added fluoridation of water has sprung up in Western Springs recently. Water hardness aside, how do you feel about the F??

Okay, let’s set some rules: we’re not talking about water hardness here. We know that’s bad for a lot of people. But it’s something that’s clearly visible. Even if some people feel less affected, nobody’s denying that it can visibly impact lives (and kitchens.) We talked about , but this time we’re narrowing it down to an issue that will remain even after the new reverse-osmosis plant is finished.

The debate that’s risen up over fluoride in Western Springs, however, is a different animal because the very facts are disagreed about. For some, fluoride added to drinking water represents a completely unnecessary and potentially grave health threat imposed by local government. For others, fluoride in the amounts recommend by the American Dental Association represent a critical tooth-decay fighting tool, otherwise completely harmless, and any concerns are based on Internet misinformation and conspiracy theory.

Each side has waved scientific papers to back up their claims; has the Western Springs Board of Trustees. At this point, the issue is on the back burner while the reverse-osmosis plant construction is ongoing. But it’s likely to crop up again when the project nears completion.

This week, we’re taking the pulse from our readers. Adding fluoride as a tooth-decay battle: bad or good? Serious threat or Dr. Strangelove nonsense? Who do you believe? What’s your call?

Please vote and then share your thoughts in the comments!