WOLFFORTH–Water worries for residents of Wolfforth prompted phone calls to KMAC-28. So we checked it out. City officials say their water is safe.

The most recent round of newsletters say exposure to high levels of fluoride could cause bone disease and dental flurosis.

Officials say there`s no cause for alarm. In fact, they`ve been required to send them out for more than 15 years.

“The deal`s been that the fluoride has been here since the beginning,” says Doug Hutcheson, with the City of Wolfforth. “I can only hope that someone will come up with a filter that can filter out the fluoride.”

So what is Wolfforth doing to fix the problem? A feasibility study will be coming out in several weeks.

“Besides the feasibiltiy study, we`re in a standstill mode,” says Hutcheson. “Because until technology changes, there`s nothing we can do. If something comes out tomorrow, I`d be willing to try it.”

City officials say other options remain too costly and not just from an economic standpoint.

“It`s not the cost of the buying the equipment, its the cost of getting rid of your bi-products,” says Hutcheson.

Lance Owens, with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, says the city meets compliance and the water is safe. He says the quarterly warnings required by the EPA are just standard.

“They have to put the language in, because you can`t ensure that 100 percent everybody`s gonna be safe, it`s a catch all,” he says.

Hutcheson says the notices will more than likely continue.