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Yeppoon: Fluoridation starts September 1st

Source: The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) | August 31st, 2010 | By Amy Formosa
Location: Australia

AFTER 38 years of filling cavities, Yeppoon dentist John Christensen is thrilled his wish for fluoride in the Capricorn Coast’s water supply has been fulfilled.

As of tomorrow, like it or not, Yeppoon residents will drink fluoridated water as the first flow of Rockhampton water hits Yeppoon taps.

The water will make its 43km journey through the new Rockhampton to Yeppoon pipeline from the Yaamba Road Reservoir in Rockhampton via the Ibis Avenue Pump Station.

For Dr Christensen, it’s a journey that should have happened when he started practising at Keppel Dental 38 years ago.

“Having the presence of fluoride readily available in the mouth will promote repair and resist decay. It won’t just benefit children, but the whole population with natural teeth,” Dr Christensen said.

He said the fluoride would particularly benefit the elderly who experience an increase in decay.

But it wasn’t all good news for Yeppoon residents yesterday when The Morning Bulletin hit the streets.

Joel Simpson from Farnborough said he would stick to his rainwater and buy bottled water if he was in town.

Concerned resident Debbie Mills said she would take all measures not to drink town water, with worries about the long-term effects of fluoride.

Janette Heintze, who runs Aussie Gold Spring Water, said it was important residents had an alternative.

“We have natural fluoride in our water. Everyone should have clear water available to drink,” Ms Heintze said.

As of tomorrow, the water supply will be re-chlorinated and gravity fed to a new valve facility at West Yeppoon which will allow water to flow to St Faith’s and Taranganba Reservoirs.

The Capricorn Coast has seen reduced levels of rainfall in recent years and high development, so the reliability of the existing water supply from Waterpark Creek has become strained to its limit.

Council used the Waterpark Creek supply as an emergency back-up, however with the $50 million pipeline in action, the emergency water entitlement will be surrendered back to the Queensland Government.

Council yesterday said they never had issues with getting the right dose of fluoride in the region’s water supply.

As per State Government legislation, fluoridation must be introduced on the Capricorn Coast by December 31, 2010.

There are about 9000 connections at the coast.


For over 50 years fluoridated water has proven to be a safe and effective way to reduce tooth decay

The Capricorn Coast will receive a fluoridated water supply from tomorrow.