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Yorktown Water Will No Longer Contain Fluoride Due to Maintenance

Source: The Yorktown Daily Voice | January 2nd, 2013 | By Brian Marschhauser
Location: United States, New York

The Northern Westchester Joint Water Works will no longer be fluoridating Yorktown’s water produced at its Catskill Facility, the town announced.

The facility’s fluoride feed system is in need of repair and was taken off-line as a preemptive measure, officials said. Matthew Geho, operations director, said the duration of the repairs is to be determined.

Production from Yorktown’s Amawalk facility – which produces approximately 40 percent of the town’s daily demand – will continue to be fluoridated until the facility is taken off-line in mid-January for on-going maintenance projects.

“At that time, no fluoride will be added to the water,” said the town’s statement. “This will remain in effect until a new chemical feed system is designed, funded and constructed at the Catskill Water Treatment Facility, or the Amawalk plant is put back on-line.”

Geho said fluoride is not a required chemical additive and residents will notice no change in the quality of the water.

“It’s merely an additive to reduce dental caries (cavities, tooth decay),” he said. “There will be no aesthetic change. It will not impact the quality of the water.”