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  • Fluoride Science is Tobacco Science

    Dear Supporter, We have decided to run a bulletin again that we used last year because it proved to be very popular and its content remains as important and urgent today as it was last year. We have only made some small additions.  Before we get to it, here is an update on the Fluoride […]

  • Greenpeace to Adidas, other brands: ‘Detoxify’ your clothes

    Members of Greenpeace on Saturday staged a protest in front of, and inside, the Adidas Store branch at the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City, calling on the sportswear giant to “detoxify” the clothes they sell. Since 2011, Greenpeace has been telling popular clothing brands to eliminate the use of chemicals that pose a threat […]

  • Salina latest battleground in fluoride debate

    SALINA — When Alan and Cindy Reed started devoting their evenings and weekends to going door-to-door to talk with their Salina neighbors about an upcoming vote on water fluoridation, they considered avoiding houses with the blue “Stop Fluoride” signs. Orthodontists Cindy and Alan Reed are working with others in Salina’s medical community to rally support […]

  • Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy

    Dear Supporter, In 2013 David Kennedy produced Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy, a classic documentary that is exquisite in capturing the battle that raged over the downgrading of cancers in the fluoride study overseen by the National Toxicology Program and published in 1990. Below we reprint the comments made by William Marcus, the senior toxicologist at […]

  • Lawmakers look to improve toxics regulation in the wake of PFOA contamination

    The discovery of high levels of a suspected carcinogen in private water supplies in Bennington and beyond has lawmakers questioning the adequacy of regulations that are supposed to protect Vermonters from toxic substances. State officials first detected troubling levels of a chemical known as PFOA in the ground water nearby a former manufacturing plant in […]

  • Editorial: Okinawa Defense Bureau denied permission to enter Kadena Air Base

    The current situation wherein we cannot even conduct an investigation into environmental problems that could very well threaten the lives and livelihoods of Okinawans is one that we cannot approve of. The Japanese government must quickly pursue an effective policy that will allow such surveys to be conducted on the grounds of U.S. bases. The […]

  • ALERT: Fluoridation Resolution in Congress

    A resolution has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that seeks to recognize artificial water fluoridation as a “vitally important public health initiative,” and to solidify congressional support of the practice for its 70th anniversary. House Resolution 416 is entitled “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives recognizing community water fluoridation as one of […]

  • Pollutants up 2x in municipal water

    Concentrations of arsenic and fluoride have doubled in the Lerma-Chapala aquifer As if drought conditions in many parts of Mexico weren’t enough, the levels of pollutants found in tap water are reaching worrisome levels, according to the results of a study by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The Geosciences Center (CGeo) at UNAM has […]

  • Rutland: Stamp of approval is meaningless

    Who in the scientific world would say that fluorosilicic acid is safe to drink when added to Rutland City’s excellent water supply? Does having the “NSF” mark on this chemical’s shipping label assure us that this toxic waste product is safe for human consumption when diluted according to fluoridation standards? At a Select Board meeting […]

  • FAN in the News: 2002 – 2010

    The following are archival news reports that have cited the Fluoride Action Network. Click here for news articles from 2011-present. 2010: Connett Raising Fluoride Awareness – Daily Courier Observer (New York) – December 18, 2010 The professor emeritus of chemistry at St. Lawrence University recently published a book, “The Case against Fluoride,” and has spent […]