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  • Prioritise groundwater

    Groundwater has been the lifeline for millions across the country. As much as 80% of rural and 50% of the urban population of India depend on groundwater for domestic and irrigation purposes. Karnataka is not an exception. As much as 99% of the state is covered by hard rock aquifer, except in coastal areas where […]

  • The exploitation of minerals of Sri Lanka

    An excerpt from a longer article: …The question that may be asked is what happens when all these resources are extracted out of the ground to be enjoyed by someone else? Is this not exploitation to benefit a select few in the short term? What happens to the human populations in these countries, after they […]

  • Opinion: District of Muskoka should have warnings in water bills

    A WARNING! FROM THE DISTRICT OF MUSKOKA TO RESIDENTS. Inserted with last month’s water bill, from the District of Muskoka, was a bright pink letter, warning residents of door-to-door solicitors selling water filters. This warning letter was not signed or dated, and goes on to reassure us that “District water is held to the highest […]

  • Everything you always wanted to know about acidising

    This study was prepared for the Weald Action Group, a strategic umbrella for community groups across the Weald region. The study is based on scientific papers, industry training manuals, promotional literature for new, patented technologies, and discussions with engineers, geologists and scientists. It has been informally ‘peer reviewed’ and declared ‘scientifically literate’. But all comments […]

  • Sterlite – here’s proof: The data on how the smelter is likely cause for water pollution

    From court-ordered reports, studies by the TNPCB, Central Pollution Control Board and NGOs, every assessment found evidence of water contamination. On 3 April, 2018, villagers in Kumareddiapuram thwarted attempts by Thoothukudi district officials to dismantle the public handpumps that were yielding yellow-coloured water reportedly contaminated by Sterlite’s copper smelter. The hamlet, which is located within […]

  • Ask the Dentist: Fluoride Pros and Cons: Is Fluoride Safe?

    The use of fluoride is controversial—it’s a known toxin, but we’ve also been told it’s essential for healthy teeth. Fluoride can sometimes be beneficial, but with safer alternatives available, it’s just not worth the risk. Fluoride has always been a controversial topic in the world of dentistry, and as a dentist, I’m going to make […]

  • Davis-Monthan AFB says it let some toxic compounds wash into soil, enter sewers

    Davis-Monthan Air Force Base admits it allowed some toxic chemical compounds used for firefighting to wash into the soil and discharged the compounds in diluted form into sewers. But until the base finishes an investigation this fall of its use and disposal of the compounds, D-M officials said they’re not ready to say whether their […]

  • Distribution of fluoride contamination in drinking water resources and health risk assessment using geographic information system, northwest Iran.

    Highlights Fluorosis is a considerable health problem worldwide. High concentrations fluoride above 3 mg l?1 may cause dental and skeletal fluorosis. HQ indicated health risk assessment in relation to F- concentration for children and adults were significant. The fluoride contamination must be reduced in this study area to decrease endemic fluorosis. Abstract This paper considers […]

  • ‘Forever Chemicals’ Ruin Dairies

    CLOVIS, N.M. (DTN) — Food may be the next frontier in research on a wide array of potentially toxic chemicals increasingly showing up in drinking water and groundwater nationally. Art Schaap and Fred Stone milk dairy cows more than 2,000 miles from each other, but right now, neither one of them can sell their milk. […]

  • Nonstick Frying Pans Can Cause Penis Size To Shrink, Study Claims

    Since its invention 80 years ago, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has been the best friend of moms, wives and chefs worldwide. All of us know this tongue-twisting compound by its more famous brand name, Teflon. PTFE is a kind of perfluorinated compound (PFC). Teflon, however, has its drawbacks and one of the most unusual and probably the […]