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  • Opinion: District of Muskoka should have warnings in water bills

    A WARNING! FROM THE DISTRICT OF MUSKOKA TO RESIDENTS. Inserted with last month’s water bill, from the District of Muskoka, was a bright pink letter, warning residents of door-to-door solicitors selling water filters. This warning letter was not signed or dated, and goes on to reassure us that “District water is held to the highest […]

  • How Trump’s EPA Just Threatened the Clean Drinking Water of 117 Million Americans

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for ensuring public water supplies within the United States are safe. And as one of his first executive orders, incoming president Trump promised “crystal clear, clean drinking water.” But the EPA just took an action which would negatively impact the drinking water of more than one-third of all […]

  • Prioritise groundwater

    Groundwater has been the lifeline for millions across the country. As much as 80% of rural and 50% of the urban population of India depend on groundwater for domestic and irrigation purposes. Karnataka is not an exception. As much as 99% of the state is covered by hard rock aquifer, except in coastal areas where […]

  • The ExxonMobil near-disaster you probably haven’t heard of

    A 2015 explosion at the company’s refinery near Los Angeles came frighteningly close to releasing a lethal gas into a neighborhood; a ban may result It’s been nearly two years since Nadia Levine fielded the frantic calls — the first one from her husband, the next from a co-worker. Panicked, Levine dialed both her children’s […]

  • Bifenthrin: Judge Says USDA Must Protect Organic Crops from Pesticide-Contaminated Compost

    Note from FAN: Molecular formula for Bifenthrin, CAS # 82657-04-3 A U.S. District Court judge says the USDA violated public process by permitting the use of pesticide-contaminated compost in the production of organic crops and did so without conducting a formal public review on the issue. Northern District of California Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley handed down the ruling […]

  • Group begins battle to take fluoride out of Knoxville drinking water

    One side calls it extremely harmful to our health, while the other hails it as a major medical achievement. Fluoride has become so ingrained in America since the early 1960s that it is nearly impossible not to ingest it in some form or fashion constantly on a daily basis. Ashley Graham-Smith of Powell is on […]

  • Fluorinated Ozone-Depleting Gases Tracked by TRI

    The Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) list of 24 compounds below contains 16 hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), 7 chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and 1 halide. All these compounds on the TRI list have ozone depleting potentials. Combined they release millions of pounds of fluoride each year into the environment. Enviropedia gives this definition for HCFCs with the caveat that many […]

  • Pesticides & other fluoride compounds tracked by TRI

    The following data comes from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) for fluoride compounds other than Sulfuryl fluoride, Hydrogen fluoride, Fluorine, and the ozone-depleting chemicals). These releases pollute our bodies, air, water, soil, and wildlife. It’s important to emphasize, especially at the community level, that not all industries or sources that release fluoride into the […]

  • San Jose drinking water to receive fluoride, years behind other Bay Area cities

    SAN JOSE — San Francisco has had it since 1951, Oakland since 1976. Los Angeles and San Diego, along with Contra Costa, Marin and San Mateo counties, have it too. And starting Monday, large sections of San Jose — the nation’s biggest city without fluoride in its drinking water — finally will begin to receive the […]

  • Fluoride Science = Tobacco Science

    For today’s bulletin Chris Neurath, FAN’s Research Director, will explain why he joined the fluoride-free movement.  We first distributed this in a bulletin in 2013, in this re-issue Chris has included an update to include Boradbent’s IQ study from NZ.  The quote we have used for this bulletin Fluoride Science is Tobacco Science, comes from another Chris, […]