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  • Fluorochemicals – Global Strategic Business Report 2015

    Fluorochemicals, which are compounds with fluorine as a key component, are stable and highly resistant to chemicals and heat. Due to their inert [note from FAN: often biologically active] properties and stability, they are used in industries such as automotive, electrical, performance coatings, chemical processing, semiconductor and aerospace. Strong demand from major application areas, including […]

  • Letter: No fluoride benefit

    The article on dental health which appeared on April 21, submitted by the Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA) was misleading on the matters of safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation (“Use fluoride to prevent cavities”). Science is not a popularity contest, but the number of supporting organizations has diminished in recent years and there […]

  • Guernsey PFOS contaminated soil ‘needs solution’

    Contaminated soil buried near Guernsey Airport will have to be moved within 20 years, the director of Environmental Health in the island has said. Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) was previously used by the airport fire service. It got into soil at the airport in 2002 when a fire truck overturned. In 2012 the soil was […]

  • Waterford City and County Council call for a ban on the addition of fluoride to water supplies

    Waterford City and County Council at their monthly plenary meeting this evening 14th May 2015 passed a motion calling on the Irish Government to reverse the State’s isolated policy within Europe of mandating a mandatory national water fluoridation policy for the purposes of reducing incidence levels of dental caries experienced by the population.  Waterford historically […]

  • Surgeon General lowers fluoride In drinking water; controversial practice continues in most US communities

    Since 1951, the surgeon general has endorsed the practice of adding fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral that protects against tooth decay, to community drinking water. Now, the  U.S. Public Health Service, overseen by the surgeon general, recommends lowering the amount of fluoride added to drinking water, due to the fact that many people are getting […]

  • Oneida Public Hearing on the fluoridation of the city’s water

    A meeting of the Common Council of the City of Oneida, NY was held on the seventeenth day of February, 2015 at 6:30 o’clock P.M. in Council Chambers, Oneida Municipal Building, 109 N. Main Street, Oneida, NY. Public Hearing – Fluoridation of the City’s Water Resolution 15-34 APPEARANCES: Dr. Samuel Barr, Dentist, 231 Broad Street, […]

  • Greer: Fluoride could be eliminated from water supply

    Fluoride could be eliminated from Greer’s water supply.That is one of three options facing Greer Commission of Public Works as it begins a series of public presentations asking for input from its customers.There are two camps of thought – those who want fluoride in the water supply and others who don’t. “There have been communities […]

  • Public health debate over fluoride rages on in Lyerly, Ga.

    LYERLY, Ga. — Outside Sam’s Family Grocery last week, a group of men in ball caps, big beards and overalls contemplated the intersection of scientific evidence and public opinion. They were asked a question: If people are afraid of fluoride in their water, should the government stop supplying it? “Bull,” said William Anderson, a Lyerly […]

  • The Fluoride Debate: One More Time

    THE 40-YEAR-OLD CONTROVERSY over the use of fluoride in drinking water threatens to erupt from dormancy this month as the government gets ready to make public new data on fluoride’s cancer-causing potential. Since the 1940s, sodium fluoride has been added to toothpaste and public water systems to prevent tooth decay. Opponents have resisted the practice […]

  • Sugar industry has subverted public health policy for decades, study finds

    Who writes the policies for public health, and how? This is an important question, and if your initial answer is that policy is created by medical experts, based on the most scientifically compelling evidence available, you’d actually be wrong. As recent media reports1,2,3,4 have revealed, dental policy, for example, is heavily influenced by the sugar […]