Fluoride Action Network


  • Shock tactics in fluoride fight

    An image of a five-year-old child’s rotting teeth is being used in an effort to build up support for adding fluoride to tap water. The British Dental Association (BDA) has designed a postcard comparing the teeth of a five-year-old from Manchester, where fluoride is not put in water, with a child from Birmingham, where it […]

  • Greens Claim London Anti-Fluoridation Announcement a Victory for Whole Country

    The Green Party today claims a victory in Britain’s battle against Tony Blair’s plan for compulsory fluoridation, as London Mayor Ken Livingstone sides with the Greens to oppose the fluoridation of London’s drinking water. Mr Livingstone came off the fence publicly for the first time today in an answer during Mayor’s question time. The Green […]

  • Southampton: Why should fluoridation be opposed?

    “The majority of scientists across the world oppose water fluoridation with 98 per cent of Europeans not drinking fluoridated water. For instance, the Netherlands have banned anyone from ever fluoridating their drinking water. “Scientists have looked into the arguments and decided that fluoride is a dangerous toxin. “Back in Southampton, contrary to the scare stories, […]