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"I was stunned when I was informed by the FDA that they had no such studies and that the products in question, which had been prescribed to millions of infants and children since the 1950s, were not approved by the FDA." (John Kelly)

John Kelly’s Letters

The FDA’s derogation of duty in failing to appropriately regulate fluoride products came to light largely due to a nine-year investigation by the late New Jersey Assemblyman, John Kelly.

Kelly became interested in fluoride after a study from the New Jersey Department of Health found higher rates of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in adolescent males drinking fluoridated water. Prior to his passing, John Kelly wrote an excellent detailed summary of what he learned through his experience trying to get answers from the FDA and other government institutions about the studies supposedly proving fluoride’s “safety and effectiveness.” To read Kelly’s statement, click here. 

John Kelly’s Letters to FDA & CDC:

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