Fluoride Action Network

National Research Council (2006)

An overview of the NRC's groundbreaking report on fluoride toxicity, including excerpts of its key findings and recommendations, statements from the panelists, and a discussion of its relevance to water fluoridation and sulfuryl fluoride.

FAN’s Submissions to NRC

The Fluoride Action Network provided the NRC panel extensive information throughout the course of the panel’s three-year review. FAN’s Executive Director, Dr. Paul Connett, was invited to give a presentation at the NRC’s first public hearing in August 2003 and FAN submitted numerous materials to the committee. It was FAN, for example, that provided the NRC committee with a copy of Elise Bassin’s doctoral dissertation on fluoride and osteosarcoma.   The following is a partial list of FAN’s submissions to the NRC:

Overview Submissions:

Fluoride/Bone Damage:

Fluoride/Bone Cancer Submissions:


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