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Powerpoint: The Scientific Evidence for Fluoride’s Developmental Neurotoxicity.

March 1, 2020 | Fluoride Action Network | By Chris Neurath

The Scientific Evidence for Fluoride’s Developmental Neurotoxicity

By Chris Neurath, Research Director,
American Environmental Health Studies Project
February 10, 2020

This powerful Powerpoint will help you to educate others – available here.

An added tool is a version of the Powerpoint with speaking notes – available here.

The fluoridation of drinking water is a public health policy vigorously promoted by federal and state health officials with little discussion of the potential for risks to the pregnant woman and her offspring.

In response, we offer a powerpoint presentation which summarizes the extensive scientific evidence that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant. This powerpoint is also available with notes that will be helpful to the presenter.

Many studies have reported that fluoride exposure is associated with reduced IQ and there are now two strong studies (Bashash 2018 and Riddell 2019) finding an association between water fluoridation and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This powerpoint presentation gives an overview of the evidence and highlights eleven of the strongest studies, including several of the Mother-Offspring studies.

The 2019 draft National Toxicology Program Systematic Review of Fluoride Exposure and Neurodevelopmental and Cognitive Health Effects is also explained. This review, currently under peer review by the National Academy of Sciences, concluded “that fluoride is presumed to be a cognitive neurodevelopmental hazard to humans.”

Many people are unaware of the voluminous and rapidly emerging scientific evidence that fluoride causes developmental neurotoxicity, including at exposure levels common in areas with artificially fluoridated water.  A paper in JAMA Pediatrics published in August 2019 (Green et al.) received much attention, but the dozens of other supporting studies finding the same effects prove that there is far more than “just one study”.

You will find a review of fluoride and developmental neurotoxicty here.