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Serum and urine fluoride levels were determined in 250 healthy subjects (15-90 years, 122 men and 128 women) residing in Catalonia, Spain, and in 150 patients (20-81 years, 84 men and 66 women) with chronic renal failure undergoing regular dialysis treatment, living in the same geographical area, to determine normal range and to investigate its relationships to age, sex and renal function. Serum and urine fluoride were determined by a fluoride ion specific electrode system. Mean (+/- S.D.) serum fluoride concentration was 17.5 +/- 9.5 micrograms/l, ranging from 1 to 47 micrograms/l, in the control group and 58 +/- 31 micrograms/l, ranging from 28 to 185 micrograms/l, in renal patients. Urine fluoride concentration in the healthy group was 671 +/- 373 micrograms/24 h, ranging from 156 to 1900 micrograms/24 h. Fluoride status in the patient group was significantly greater than the control group. There was significant correlation between serum fluoride and age. No sex related difference was found.