Fluoride Action Network


Seventeen plant species that are tolerant and highly tolerant to HF were selected to establish hydroponic cultures. These species were exposed to 2.5, 4, 5, and 10 mg fluoride (F) ion/L to identify plants with the capacity to remove F from water and might be useful for phytoremediation of F. Only Camellia japonica, Pittosporum tobira, and Saccharum officinarum were able to remove F from water with some degree of efficiency. At 4 mg F/L, sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) removed 40% of F compared to the 7.5% and 15% removed by C. japonica and P. tobira, respectively. A concentration of 5 mg F/L seemed to be the maximum level tolerated by these plant species. The potential use of S. officinarum for remediation of F-contaminated water is discussed.