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The water-extractable fluoride content of nine packed teas, ten instant tea powders, and ten tea beverages manufactured in China, Japan, Taiwan, and the USA was determined by the fluoride ion specific electrode method. Among the black, green, and Oolong packed teas, the F content ranged from 41.5 to 212.4 mg F/kg tea. Among the instant tea powders, the range was broader: 25.9 to 631.3 mg F/kg tea, the latter in a black tea from Taiwan. The bottled and canned tea beverages had fluoride concentrations ranging from 0.20 to 1.80 mg F/L, with the highest in Oolong tea beverages. Chronic toxic levels of fluoride consumption from some of these tea products are possible. The packaging paper of packed teas and the addition of milk had no effect the fluoride concentrations in the infusions.