Fluoride Action Network


We report here a simple, easy-to-practice treatment procedure for anaemia, by focusing on withdrawal of fluoride consumption and promotion of nutrients through diet. The approach to improve nutrient intake as supplementation of iron and folic acid or iron tonic does not yield beneficial results. The reason being highly destructive F– enters the body through food, water, habit forming substances and dental products destroys the lining of the intestine and prevents absorption of nutrients. Testing of Hb, F– in urine, drinking water and body mass index are necessary to assess the problem. The study was made on 2420 adolescent students from 6 schools in Delhi. F– removal through diet editing and improved nutrients through counselling without prescription of drugs led to correction of anaemia. This treatment procedure is  beneficial to pregnant and lactating mothers and patients in hospital OPDs due to ill health issues aggravated due to low Hb/anaemia.