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Moms2B Avoid Fluoride

The Moms2B campaign was launched in April 2018 to advise pregnant women to avoid fluoride, particularly fluoridated water, because of the potential for harm to the brain of the fetus. Please join with us.

The Fluoride-Brain Studies

All Studies on Fluoride’s Effect on the Brain:

Brain: 65 IQ Studies

Brain: 122 Human Studies -the IQ studies are included

Brain: 220 Animal Studies

Brain: 30 Cell Studies

• Brain: 18 Review Studies

The above studies divided into categories:

• Brain: 53 Studies on Effects on Behavior

• Brain: 200 Studies on Effects on Cells & Tissues

• Brain: 159 Studies on Cognitive Function

• Brain: 17 Studies on Neurological Symptoms

The Petition submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This Petition puts into context the studies cited above. The Fluoride Action Network, together with other groups and individuals, submitted this Petition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the provisions of the Toxic Substances Control Act to end the use of fluoridation chemicals because of the neurotoxicity of fluoride. The Petition is now in Federal Court in San Francisco with a trial date set for August 2019. See the Timeline of this Petition.

Other studies on fluoride’s effect on the human fetal brain

• Dong Z, Wan C, Liu J. 1993. Determination of the contents of amino-acid and monoamine neurotransmitters in fetal brains from a fluorosis-endemic area. Journal of Guiyang Medical College 18(4):241-45. (Translated from Chinese into English by the Fluoride Action Network in 2012.)

• Du L, Wan C, Cao X, Liu J. 2008. The effect of fluorine on the developing human brain. Fluoride 41(4):327–330. (Originally published in Chinese in the Chinese Journal of Pathology 1992;21(4):218-20. Translated from Chinese into English by the Fluoride Action Network.)

• He H, Cheng Z, Liu W. 2008. Effects of fluorine on the human fetus. Fluoride 41(4):321–326. (Originally published in Chinese in the Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases 1989;4(3):136-138.Translated by the Fluoride Action Network.)

• Yu Y, Wang W, Dong Z, et al. 2008. Neurotransmitter and receptor changes in the brains of fetuses from areas of endemic fluorosis. Fluoride 41(2):134–138. (Originally published in Chinese in the Chinese Journal of Endemiology 1996;15:257-259.)

See editorial in the journal Fluoride

• Spittle B. 2017: Prevention of Fluoride Ion-Induced IQ Loss in Children. Fluoride 50(4):385-392.


See also the Mother-Offspring studies

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