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  • Safe sips to quench Balitara thirst. NGO to supply purified water to tackle arsenic problem.

      The drinking water plant in Balitara village The Telegraph picture Villagers of Balitara in lower Assam’s Nalbari district will not have to think twice before taking a sip of water. They were struggling to cope with arsenic contamination of groundwater and high incidence of cancer. Gramya Vikash Mancha, a local NGO, has set up […]

  • House Republicans work to ban fluoride in public water

    CONCORD — A group of Republican state representatives are hopeful this could be the year the Legislature bans the addition of fluoride in municipal water supplies. On March 12, the House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee voted 16-3 to recommend passage of House Bill 192, sponsored by Republican Reps. Richard Marple of Hooksett and Raymond […]

  • Delhi: Contaminated underground water leads to rise in many diseases

    New Delhi: Citizens dwelling in the areas, where use of contaminated underground water is prominent to meet the demand of their basic needs, are on the verge of getting more prone to water pollution related disorders as experts raise the alarm the regarding the city’s underground resource- contaminated by lethal toxin such as arsenic, nitrates […]

  • Arsenic in Some Bottled Water Brands at Unsafe Levels, Consumer Reports Says

    Note from the Fluoride Action Network: This article by Consumer Reports is important because there are many people living in fluoridated communities that buy bottled water to avoid fluoride. If you drink a particular brand of spring water it would be wise to either call the producer and request the levels of all tested contaminants […]

  • Group begins battle to take fluoride out of Knoxville drinking water

    One side calls it extremely harmful to our health, while the other hails it as a major medical achievement. Fluoride has become so ingrained in America since the early 1960s that it is nearly impossible not to ingest it in some form or fashion constantly on a daily basis. Ashley Graham-Smith of Powell is on […]

  • PFOA Testing Expanded To Include 11 More Sites, Many In Chittenden County

    Gov. Peter Shumlin has announced that the state will test additional manufacturing sites around Vermont for PFOA, a suspected carcinogen that’s been found in North Bennington and Pownal. The Department of Environmental Conservation says it’s tracked down 11 other locations that might have used the chemical, including eight in Chittenden County. Among them is the […]

  • Anti-fluoride experts to address Bega forum

    When government policy takes over, science flies out the window. – Dr Maria Claudianos More than 70 people have turned out to anti-fluoridation forums in Merimbula, Bermagui and Eden in the last week. A fourth forum will be held at 1pm tomorrow at the Bega Valley Shire Council’s civic centre. The forum will be addressed Cambridge University graduate […]

  • What’s Lurking in Your Toothpaste?

    We all want to fight cavities and have a megawatt movie-star smile. But some toothpaste may be going too far, adding ingredients that could be bad for our overall health. Here are a few of the more insidious ingredients: Sodium Fluoride Used in Rat Poison While it’s one of the main ingredients in toothpaste, sodium […]

  • A new perspective on metals and other contaminants in fluoridation chemicals

    Background: Fluoride additives contain metal contaminants that must be diluted to meet drinking water regulations. However, each raw additive batch supplied to water facilities does not come labeled with concentrations per contaminant. This omission distorts exposure profiles and the risks associated with accidents and routine use. Objectives: This study provides an independent determination of the […]

  • Water contamination shuts down well at Pease

    PORTSMOUTH — City officials shut down a well that serves Pease International Tradeport after tests found a contaminant in the water, according to state, city and Pease Development Authority officials. PDA Executive Director David Mullen said the well was shut down in “an abundance of caution” after a test found perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) in […]