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  • Water Fluoridation – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Karen Gay is the Eastern Shore of Virginia Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader. The next meeting will cover the topic of water fluoridation on Wednesday, February 20 at 6:00 at Peacewerks, 3100 Main Street, Exmore. Consider joining our ESVA Weston A Price Foundation Chapter Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/esvawapf/. For more information contact Karen at 240-393-5625 […]

  • TOXIC LEGACY: Air Force studies dating back decades show danger of foam that contaminated local water

    The Air Force ignored decades of warnings from its own researchers in continuing to use a chemical-laden firefighting foam that is a leading cause of contaminated drinking water for at least 6 million Americans, including thousands of people south of Colorado Springs. Multiple studies dating back to the 1970s found health risks from the foam, […]

  • Safe sips to quench Balitara thirst. NGO to supply purified water to tackle arsenic problem.

      The drinking water plant in Balitara village The Telegraph picture Villagers of Balitara in lower Assam’s Nalbari district will not have to think twice before taking a sip of water. They were struggling to cope with arsenic contamination of groundwater and high incidence of cancer. Gramya Vikash Mancha, a local NGO, has set up […]

  • Anti-fluoride experts to address Bega forum

    When government policy takes over, science flies out the window. – Dr Maria Claudianos More than 70 people have turned out to anti-fluoridation forums in Merimbula, Bermagui and Eden in the last week. A fourth forum will be held at 1pm tomorrow at the Bega Valley Shire Council’s civic centre. The forum will be addressed Cambridge University graduate […]

  • The Horrible Chemicals That Make Your Winter Gear Waterproof

    They don’t break down … ever Ever since our early ancestors left the fertile sauna of Africa and headed North, we humans have been searching for ways to fend off sleet and snow and rain and cold. The Inuit once relied on seal and whale intestines to get the job done. Nowadays, we rely on […]

  • PFOA: Lawsuits charge that 3M knew about the dangers of its chemicals

    FOR DECADES 3M was the primary producer of C8, or PFOA, and was the sole producer of a related chemical known as PFOS. But while DuPont was caught up in a massive class action suit over C8, 3M has largely avoided public scrutiny and serious legal or financial consequences for its role in developing and […]

  • Israel Bans Water Fluoridation

    Israeli authorities last week unveiled a nationwide ban on the controversial practice of adding the chemical fluoride, labeled a “neurotoxin” by a top medical journal this year, to public water supplies as a medical treatment. The decision by the Health Ministry to ban what critics call a dangerous, involuntary mass-medication scheme drew applause from many […]

  • Doctors deserve to know the research behind the risks

    Given the gravity of the current situation regarding increasing cancer incidence and the prevalence of chronic disease in the Republic, I wish to respond in some detail to the letter of Dr Susan O’Reilly in IMT (February 14, 2014), in response to Dr Philip Michael’s letter dated January 24, 2014. Dr O’Reilly states that Dr […]

  • NH: Water contamination shuts down well at Pease

    Very little known about human health effects, state official says PORTSMOUTH — City officials shut down a well that serves Pease International Tradeport after tests found a contaminant in the water, according to state, city and Pease Development Authority officials. PDA Executive Director David Mullen said the well was shut down in “an abundance of […]

  • A new perspective on metals and other contaminants in fluoridation chemicals

    Background: Fluoride additives contain metal contaminants that must be diluted to meet drinking water regulations. However, each raw additive batch supplied to water facilities does not come labeled with concentrations per contaminant. This omission distorts exposure profiles and the risks associated with accidents and routine use. Objectives: This study provides an independent determination of the […]