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  • PFOA report: Poisoned Legacy

    DuPont’s Dirty History In 2005 the Environmental Protection Agency fined chemical giant DuPont a record $16.5 million over its decades-long cover-up of the health hazards of C8, also known as PFOA. One of a family of perfluorinated chemicals, or PFCs, PFOA was a key ingredient in making Teflon, the non-stick, waterproof, stain-resistant “miracle of modern […]

  • Ban on fipronil spray slated to take effect in 2016

    Fipronil molecular formula (SEE ADVERSE EFFECTS) TAIPEI, Taiwan — Farmers will be legally banned from spraying fipronil on tea trees as of Jan. 1 next year, according to an announcement by the Council of Agriculture (COA) yesterday. Since the tea scare broke out this April, several cases of fipronil contamination have been discovered. Fipronil is […]

  • Portsmouth. Report: Federal PFC levels not protective enough

    PORTSMOUTH — An article just published by public health professors from Harvard University and Boston University concludes that the provisional health advisory level for a chemical found in three city wells “may be 100-fold too high.” The city closed the Haven well in May 2014 after the Air Force tested the well and found levels […]

  • Public Health Service Recommendation for Fluoride Concentration in Drinking Water for Prevention of Dental Caries

    Note from FAN: The Department of Health & Human Services released this same information on April 27, 2015, in Public Health Reports as noted in their press release. Summary Through this final recommendation, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) updates and replaces its 1962 Drinking Water Standards related to community water fluoridation—the controlled addition of […]

  • The toxicity of Sulfoxaflor

    Excerpts from: Registration Decision for the New Active Ingredient Sulfoxaflor Federal Register, Final Rule May 17, 2013 • A fluoridated pesticide made by Dow AgroSciences, CAS No. 946578-00-3 • Approved in May 2013, revoked September 10, 2015, by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals The database of guideline toxicity studies indicates that the nervous system […]

  • References: Water Fluoridation and Environmental Justice

    Water Fluoridation and Environmental Justice Report by Fluoride Action Network Submitted, September 25, 2015 To: Environmental Justice Interagency Working Committee As the the pdf online document for this report was user unfriendly, the following are the live links for the references. ____________________________________________________ Ainsworth NJ. 1933. Mottled teeth. Brit. Dent. J., 55: 233-25- and 274-276. Albert […]

  • Presentation by Joyce Donahue, PhD to the National Research Council Committee: August 12, 2003.

    Note: This was the first public meeting of the committee who would author the National Research Council of the National Academies 2006 report: Fluoride in Drinking Water A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards and also the only meeting open to the public. It was held in Washington DC. The following is the instruction to the […]

  • Is Your Tea Wrecking Your Health?

    If you believe that drinking tea is good for your health, you may be right. Tea, especially green tea, has been linked to a lower risk of cancer, stroke, heart failure, and diabetes. But tea can contain large amounts of fluoride and pesticides and be very bad for your health, so bad that it’s downright […]

  • Concentration of fluoride in groundwater of India: A systematic review, meta-analysis and risk assessment

    Highlights Sixty three studies comprising 57381 samples included in the current meta-analysis of fluoride in groundwater. The pooled concentration of fluoride in India was found to be around 2.37?mg/L: 95% CI (1.46-3.28?mg/L). This study revealed that the fluoride concentration in rural parts of the country is 1.85 times higher than urban areas. The concentration of […]

  • Water Fluoridation: A Good Way To Lower IQ

    Fluoride has been added to our public water supplies since the 1950s. It was added because the Powers-That-Be assured us that it would lower cavity rates and cause no harm. After 70 years of adding fluoride to our water supplies, I can now state, with certainty that fluoridated water does not significantly reduce cavity rates […]