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U.S. Water Systems with High F Levels

Database of drinking water systems with high levels of naturally occurring fluoride; searchable by state.

North Carolina

Information from two sources:

Without County or EPA ID No. NATURAL FLUORIDE CONTENT OF COMMUNITY WATER SUPPLIES 1969, a hard copy publication by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health.

With County & EPA ID No. Fluoridation Census 1992, published in 1993 by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Division of Oral Health.

• It is not known if the water systems listed below are all still active
• The state Water System ID is the same as EPA’s preceded with the state’s initial. For example, North Carolina would be NC0000000


Water Systems




Natural Level of Fluoride (ppm)

A Milligram per Liter (mg/L) is the same as Part Per Million (ppm)

Not all water fluoride levels are included in the Fluoridation Census 1992

North Carolina Bailey 800 0.7
North Carolina 2,000 0.7
North Carolina Hamilton 500 0.7
North Carolina Tabor City 2,800 0.7
North Carolina Plymouth 5,000 0.8
North Carolina  Ayden 3,100 0.9
North Carolina Edenton 2,000 0.9
North Carolina Farmville 5,000 0.9
North Carolina Robersonville 1,800 1.0
North Carolina Jacksonville 15,000 1.1
North Carolina Littleton 2,000 1.2
North Carolina Powellsville 200 1.2
North Carolina Williamston 7,000 1.4
North Carolina Winton 700 1.4
North Carolina  Willamston Martin 0459010 7,200 1.5
North Carolina Goose Creek Swain  na 0 1.7
North Carolina Wentworth 100 1.8
North Carolina King 800 2.0
North Carolina Rich Square 1,200 2.1
North Carolina Gatesville  Gates 0437010 325 2.7
North Carolina Windsor 2,500 2.9


See also, Fluoridated School Drinking Water Systems. Certain elementary schools in North Carolina had their drinking water fluoridated at 4.5 ppm from early 1970s to the 1990s.

Please email Fluoride Action Network if you have information to share on levels of naturally occurring fluoride in U.S. drinking water or other bodies of water.

Percentage of State Population served by Public Water Systems that Receive Fluoridated Water

State 2014 2012 2006 2000 1992
North Carolina 87.5% 87.5% 87.6% 83.3%

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